Sunday, October 14, 2007

Fat Cats-Bowling

A bunch of us decided to go bowling Thursday night (the 11th). We went to Fat Cats and ate at the Costa Vida that they had there. None of the people that I went with have never eaten at Costa Vida! I could not believe it! I thought they would have eaten Cafe Rio too-but they haven't had that either! I thought I was suppose to be the one who doesn't get out much! I met Jordan through my cousin.. This was the first time I hung out with him. He is such a blast! It's so fun to have so many different friends so you don't ever get sick of the same ones! :) After we ate, we went bowling for an hour. It was such a blast! I think this is the funnest thing I have done that has COST since I have moved down here. I did pretty bad the first round, but come the second round of bowling, I did pretty good with a score of 45! Let's just say I beat everyone! The reason being- we only got through 3 rounds out of ten! Who knows if I would have kept beating them. -I bet I could. Just kidding! It was a great night! I hope you enjoy!