Sunday, July 22, 2007

Girls' Camp 2007

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It has taken me almost a month to finally blog about my last Girls' Camp ever. I really enjoyed it a bunch. I am so glad I had the opportunity to teach my "circle group" the whole time I was there. It was the neatest experience I have ever had. The Stake leaders told us that we would be going on this 3 mile hike to the top of a mountain and look over the Grace Valley. It then would be 3 miles back to our camp. I SWEAR they lied to us. I think it actually ended up being 4.5 miles there and 4.5 back because the trail zig-zagged all along the mountain. I have never seen such steep hills in my life! We kept sliding down the trail when we were trying to CLIMB up the hill! If you didn't notice, check out the pictures of how high we ended up being. It was so beautiful and the most rewarding thing ever. When we arrived at the top of the mountain, we ate our sack "dinner" and the stake camp director Dee Johnson spoke to us. It took us like 3 whole hours or MORE to get up there and only 45 minutes to get down! I was suprised I wasn't as sore as I thought would be. BUT it was great!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rating my Blog

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I'm pretty glad that my blog is only rated G! YAY!! How about yours? Check it out here. Is it as good as mine!?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Toe Surgery

HOLY COW! I have never felt something so painful in my life before. Just imagine someone RIPPING off your toenail.. not just one.. but TWO! I just died when he said they would have to be removed COMPLETELY!! The part that killed the most was getting the shots to numb my toes. My doctor, DJ, put two shots in my right toe-the shots were taken right on the nuckle of my toe! That was when it was painful. He then put two more shots in my left toe. After that he waited about 5 minutes and came back in and started to do "the job." First of all.. my right toe did not go numb so he had to give me TWO MORE shots in that toe. I could not believe how painful it was. Then he ripped out both of my toenails and showed me what one of my toenails looked like. It was discusting. OH I fogot something.. when he was ripping off my last toenail blood spurted/splashed everywhere onto my leg. Sick huh!? He then wrapped them both up with gause and wrapped blue tape as you can see. Oh .. I forgot to tell you that DJ put the toenail back on just to help the other grow... soomething like that I guess. I was shocked when I pulled the bandages off early this afternoon. They look pretty gory and sick to me. It reminds me of a thriller/satanic movie when things like this are shown in a movie like that. YUCK! I just could not believe how much puss hehehe.. came out of my toes. Maybe it wasn't puss; it just might have been the neosporin on it. BUT the thing is.. that stuff wasn't there when I first took of the bandages. hehehehe. ENJOY! All I can say is.. this better heal fast or it better be easy to walk around with sooner than later. I am scared to take off the bandages tomorrow to see what it looks like. Maybe I just won't take them off. :) I just hope the rest of my summer isn't shot away. :(

Saturday, July 14, 2007

My water baby!

Check out this cute little, clean baby that just got out of the tub with grandma. I took this picture about 5 minutes ago! I don't know how I snapped this picture at the right time to get her to smile. I cannot believe how grown up she looks now. Maybe it's the teeth! :) BUT I LOVE IT AND I LOVE HER!! She has been the best baby yet today.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So.. I just found out that this guy I liked (past tense that is...) has a girlfriend. I had NO IDEA! I feel so lame now and I wish I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up to high. Well.. I did. Nothing can ever go right for me.. I SWEAR!! I guess that's what life is all about right? Oh well. i will just have to live. It just isn't right when they flirt right back at ya and LEAD you on! I swear, the only guys that come after me are creeps, weird, nerdy, or annoying people that I cannot STAND! I can never have it my way! Just because I am looking out for this cute, gorgeous, attractive guy and a great example of an LDS boy has to some how have a girlfriend that he doesn't want you to know about. OR else they are too good for you and you're not good lookin'.. skinny enough for them kind-of-a-thing. Life just isn't fare. I guess I will have to move on and deal with it... ONCE AGAIN! This is one reason why I can't wait to get to college.. there will be many guys to see there!--- hopefully they are interested! I always have to tell myself--- Enjoy life and never wish it away. Move on.. because it's not ment to be. The future only gets better!--so we think!