Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sweet Moment

Remember all those giveaways the Anderson family was giving away to raise money for them to bring Elsa home? Well she's home. Check out the video. What a sweet moment to remember always.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bucket List

I'm dreaming of a cherry on top kind of a Summer. You know what I mean? With lots of activities to keep me sane. While we were driving back from a trip, the roommates and I decided to come up with a list of 50 things to do this summer. A list that we want to do before we die going back to school and winter again. We now have something to look forward to do and not be bored this summer. As you can tell, we still don't have all 50 things as you can plainly see. Help us get there by leaving a comment and telling us what other things we can do.

But first off, I am lucky enough to have my niece over tonight to have a slumber party with me. We're enjoy watching Tangled and eating popcorn. We also painted her fingernails and toenails. It's so fun to have her in town.

Now back to the list.

1. Las Vegas (for Andi's 21st B-day)
2. Bonfire
3. Lava Hot Springs (float the river)
4. Camp
5. Bear Lake
6. Sleep on the balcony
7. Concert
8. Boyfriends (ha!)
9. Real game
10. Mocktail party
11. Bee's game
12. Rodeo
13. Carnival
14. Demolition Derby
15. Run through the sprinkler
16. Festival of Colors (oops... missed that one)
17. Side walk chalk
18. Photo shoot
19. pool/soak up the sun
20. 4 wheeling
21. Sand dunes
22. St. George
23. Hike Stewart Falls
24. 5K in June
25. Bike rides

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

On the Job

Last Friday my co-workers Sarah and Ann-Marie and I went on a little scrapbook adventure -Scrapbook USA that is. It was a fun quick trip to check out what it was all about. Here is a video that Ann-Marie made to tell you all about it. Man I have a hard job. :)

Party in the (Scrapbook) USA from Ann-Marie Morris on Vimeo.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Lots to do

It's Monday again. I can't believe another week has gone by. The faster these weeks go, the sooner I will be out of school. Yeah, that's right, 4 more weeks! This week is going to be super busy. My sisters and I have a craft fair coming up this Saturday in Evanston, WY. So if you for some reason happen to be in Evanston, WY, you should definitely stop by. It would be great to see you there. On my list of "to dos" is to take some pictures of a few of the things that we have made recently. We have some new things to put in our booth so come check it out!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was a crappy good day. My friend Jordan and I found time in between classes to get us some frozen yogurt. It made us a little happier. Today I had Pistachio, Taro, Red Velvet cake batter, and Toasted Coconut topped with a tid bit of brownie bites, cookie dough, kiwi, strawberry, and mango. I couldn't choose and they all made me happy. Good thing I have been going to the gym lately.

Here are a few of my recent obsessions:

1. Loving frozen yogurt (particularly Yogurtland as you can plainly see)
2. Freshly ground peanut butter. (especially w/triscuits and honey)
3. Veronica Mars .... again
4. Google Reader
5. Make-up
6. Cooking
7. Mustard Yellow and Gray with Chevron.
8. Mini Cadburry Eggs (Also referred to as my "Pride and Joys")
9. Pickles
10. The gym (hard to believe that i'm saying this but I love how it makes me feel!)
11. Dresses with leggings (thinking this is what i'll be wearing most of the summer)
12. Creating just about anything

Friday, March 4, 2011

Dove or Bliss

Which one do you choose? I thought I bought a bag of Dove chocolates and then realized it was Hershey's Bliss. Did I know that Hershey's made something like Dove? No. They were good but not near as good as the creamy Dove chocolates and they don't even have the cool sayings on the inside of the wrapper. A total rip off. :) Here are a few of the ones that I really liked from the chocolates my parents gave me for Valentine's day. I like to think that my parents knew what the wrappers said, so I'm taking it as if my parents said this to me.

Tape Strip: Pugly Pixel
Paper Texture: Fuzzimo