Wednesday, May 27, 2009


to my sister Jackie! Here are some of the reasons why I adore her they way I do:
-Always positive
-Good listener
-She makes you laugh
-Such a cute/stylin' mom!
-Hard worker
-Very creative
-Always there when I need her
-Very thoughtful person.
-and most importantly, one of my very best friends.

I hope you have a very happy birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate it with you. I love you!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend....

was quite eventful I would have to say. Let me first tell you that I cannot find my camera battery charger. Yes, my camera battery charger which means I cannot upload my pictures onto my computer since my iMac does not have a slot for the memory card. BUT grateful for friends who tagged me in their photos on facebook from the be BBQ shabang last night so I can put them on here.

Let me first start off telling you how my weekend went. I left my place at 6:30 a.m. My good friend, Jenni got married on Saturday. I was able to see them come out of the temple. She looked so gorgeous! She made my cry. I then went to her luncheon that was at Hamiltons. YUMMY! It was so good. If you haven't been there before, make sure you stop there when you're in Logan next. Best restaurant for steak and seafood. I went home and spent some time with my sister's family. I then went to Jenni and Josten's reception. What a day that was!

Sunday was a chill day. We only had 1 hr 40 min of church b/c of the holiday. Which means there were 3 other sacraments. That's what you get for being from a recreational area. We had all day Sunday to be together as a family. How nice it was to do NOTHING.

Monday I met with the city to do some designing work for them. I would have to say it came out pretty successful. I'm excited to be able to help them out. We got together as a family again to celebrate Jackie's birthday for a BBQ. Then I was off to get back to have another BBQ with a bunch of my close friends. It was a lot of fun to to get with everyone and play kick ball, slackline, and some volleyball. I especially love being with my girls. You guys are so great!

That was my Memorial weekend.....


(pictures from Jenni's wedding and random ones throughout the weekend will be posted as soon as I find/buy/borrow a charger for my battery)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Drawing a blank...

...of what to blog about for the past week now. I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog this week. It's just that I haven't had anything interesting to tell you. I did realize that I do have something to share with you after reading Nichole's blog today! I'm going to share with you some of the samples I made for QVC that was broadcast last week. Not all of these were made for QVC. Just the pen samples. This Thinking Of You card was done to show off American Crafts new Zing! I used the florescent Zing! on this card.

This is probably one of my favorite cards that I have made lately. The flowers and the cloud that's poking out as well as the thank you are all embossed with the opaque Zing! I had way too much fun making this card.
This card was made to show off a bunch of different ribbons.
This card was made for QVC using pens.
Same with this one... all from pens except for the paper planes are from the miniMarks Teen Line.
QVC pen sample also.
And this one too.
This baby card was made to show the use of the metallic Zing! Very awesome outcome with the metallic as well! You can't go wrong with American Crafts Zing!
Another QVC pen sample.

This one as well. This baby girl is my co-workers daughter. Isn't she the cutest thing ever!? I can't get over how precious she is.

Another pen sample.. one of myself.

Pen sample. This was conference weekend. We had a bunch of fun coloring eggs even though sea foam green was the same as turquoise. So as you can see, we did not have many colors to choose from.

I re-did the a colorful mess instead of using it as a pen sample, i'm showing it off using Zing! I found the coolest thing ever! A Colorful Mess was written with a black embossing pen where I then poured clear embossing powder on it. Isn't that pretty awesome?! It's hard to show you the clear embossing through a photo. I embossed all the aqua with the background paper as well as the paper flowers. Tons of fun.

I like having a challenge to use a certain project. I was wondering what in the world I was going to do for the pen samples. I was thinking of all the possibilities. The Zing! as well. And then all the inspiration kept coming. I just love my job! I hope you enjoy them! Does this make up for not posting this past week? I hope so.


Friday, May 8, 2009

I'm going to make today a good day...

Even though it started off crappy. Let me tell you how it all started. I was too tired last night to pack for a weekend trip home so I thought I would put it off til this morning where I would be waking up quite early. All my pants were still wet since I don't like to dry them in the dryer. Which means I had to look extra hard this morning for something to wear. I ended up packing wet clothes -they're actually laying out in my car soaking in the heat of the car. Since I live further away from work now, I have quite a few lights that I have to go through to get there. At LEAST 8! Every single one of the lights I hit red. UGH if that doesn't make me all mad, then I don't know what does. I know it's not that my morning is not that big of a deal, but starting it off with stupid little things like this annoy me.
So here I am, going to try and make the best out of today and forget what happened this morning. At least it's sunny out and warm, right?!

Here is a little sneak peak of something I found from someone's blog that will look similar to what one of my walls will look like. I'm trying to find something cool where I can hang little things like this and invites, coupons, or what not so they are not just in a pile of stuff and I'll forget about it. Good idea?
I hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you! Don't forget to wish your Mom a happy Mother's Day!


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Yay! Summer is on it's way! School's out, living at a new place, and it's warming up! Fresh new start! How much better can it be? There's so much that I want to do this summer. I hope I can do it all. A fresh new start means also that I have my own room and that I can decorate however I want to! I have so many ideas on how I want to do it. The vision in my head looks pretty dang cool, but hopefully I can create it the way I see it in my head. As soon as I get all settled in my room and everything put away, I will make sure I take good pictures of the new room with the things on the walls as well. I don't really have anything cool to blog yet. I might if I would take some stinkin' pictures!!! I'll make sure to take more pictures just for all you blog readers!!

This picture is one of the things I am going to master by the end of the summer -Slacklining! Great times. Who would have ever thought it would be fun to set up a road between two trees and walk on it. Well all I can say is that it's pretty dang hard to do. Great way to gain balance! See you soon!