Saturday, February 23, 2008

3 weeks!

It has been 3 weeks since I have had soda pop! I am so proud of myself. I had a nasty dream last night (i think last night) that I drank pop! It feels so good to know that I really didn't do it! I'm so proud of myself because i am not very good with self-control! I know i haven't posted lately, but there really isn't anything interesting going on with me! I don't have any recent pictures either! I'll let you know when something interesting happens in my life!


ashlee said...

way to go lindsey! i need to follow your good example! it was fun to eat with you in orem:)

jackie said...

Good Job Linds! I don't drink much pop, but I would like to cut it out totally too! I was hoping for some fun St. George pics. Did you not take any? Well I didn't either, it's ok.

Donna said...

Good Job Lindz! You are usually a great example of setting and accomplishing your goals. But, is a soda now and then really that all that bad?