Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Projects

Here is my portfolio for Drawing that was known as my final:

This was my first still life that I had to draw and shade. I learned how to be patient and take my time and go slow. Not too good of a drawing. Plus it is unfinished. I never did get all the shading done if you can tell.

This was my first charcoal drawing that we had to do in class. It was so much fun! This is probably my favorite object that we had to draw. The tricky part with this one is we had to do it REVERSE color than what it really is suppose to be.

This was our next assignment. We had to draw a landscape of our choice. I didn't spend too much time on this one because I do not like to work with charcoal because it is so messy!

OK I HONESTLY hated this one the worst! I do not like to draw people because they always look all deformed or something. Our teacher had a real life model come in and pose for us. Hated it! BUT I did learn a lot from it.

I don't even know why I show this one because it's pretty stupid. BUT it was part of my portfolio. We learned how to do 1 and 2 point perspective on this assignment.

I didn't realize until I started posting all these pictures that a lot of my assignments were in charcoal. This assignment we had to make and EXACT copy of the picture. It was challenging.

This assignment (abstract mixed media) was probably my favorite assignment. I took newspaper and glued it onto the paper and painted on the black on the other half. I modge podged the newspaper so it was hard and shiny! I then just poured paint all over on the paper! and Whalaa! you have ART!

On this assignment, we had to take a still life and abstract it by using mixed media again. The still life had a vase, a glass bottle, a bright, colorful beach towel, oranges and a gray piece of cloth. I used magazine paper and paint on this one. It was a pretty fun assignment I guess you could say. Maybe it's because I like all the bright colors.

This one makes me laugh. We were suppose to draw a nature scene academically and turn it into abstraction. It reminds me of an Indian drawing or something. Let's just say it's not my favorite. I didn't spend too much time on it and maybe that's why it turned out the way it did.

This drawing was considered to be my last drawing and was graded a little bit harder than all the rest of them. This is SUPPOSE to be a self portrait of me. Not very good, huh? I told you that I can't draw people. It's hard enough to try and draw someone else than just yourself. We then had to pick an object that we like, shows our personality, etc. I picked a Gerber daisy because it is my favorite flower and they're just so happy and they are always bright colors. They make me so happy.

Last but not least. My abstract of my self-portrait. We had to include our object and make our face abstract. As you can tell, I didn't spend too much time on this one because I was getting sick and tired of it all. I guess that's what happens at the end of a SPRING semester. I was just DONE!

That is the end of my drawing class. I hope you enjoy my artwork. Crazy stuff, huh? The crazy thing about it is that my teacher likes a certain style of artwork. Isn't that how all teachers are though? I just wish they wouldn't always grade your artwork on their style. If you know what I mean. Thanks for reading!


Maren said...

Hey Lindsey!! You are amazing! All these years and I never knew you could draw like that! Awesome job! I could use some art work like that in my house. :)

jackie said...

I love all of your work! You ARE amazing! Good job with your classes. I'll bet you are so glad to be finished and now you can just work and have fun!