Saturday, August 23, 2008

Lava Hot Springs

I should not have added this one last because it is now the first one! Yeah we ate candy!
Mollie blowing up her tube! It took forever to blow them up!

And of course, Me being a dork!

Jenni and Mollie showing off our awesome cabin!

I'll have to put more pictures on when I get them from Jenni and Mollie. ENJOY!
This past Monday and Tuesday I went to Lava Hot springs with Jenni and Mollie for a little trip before life gets wild with school and all. We stayed in this really nice cabin right in town. I cannot believe how nice this place is for Lava Hot Springs! When we first got there, we put on our swimming suits and blew up our tubes to go float down the river! It was so much fun! I have never done it on a single tube before. We all fell off at one point of floating the river. I got scrapes on my fingers that won't stop stinging! :) and a big nasty bruise on my leg.
After we floated the river... oh wait! Jenni lost the key to the car so we had to figure that one out! Luckily she had a spare at the cabin so we didn't even have to break into her car for that! We then went to the pool and just floated on our tubes and laid out reading our books and stuff.
After that, we decided to go rinse off and relax at the cabin by watching a movie! Nothing too exciting, but it was nice! Later that night, we went to the HOT pools! Wow they are pretty warm during the summer! I never go when it's hot outside, but it felt really relaxing. We stayed there for a couple of hours and then went back to our cabin to watch another movie that I fell asleep too! Of course! :)


jackie said...

Looks like stayed in a really nice place and had a great time! Love you eees! Come visit us again!