Friday, October 9, 2009

Most Recent Purchase

Meaning... most recent big purchase. I have been wanting a camera like this for a very long time now. I didn't want to rush into things or anything to find the right one, so I asked my good friend Mollie who is a professional photographer to keep her eye out on a good camera for me. I trusted her completely on picking the right camera for me. And she did just that! The sad part of this whole thing is I haven't even had a chance to really play with it. I took my friends out on a photoshoot the first weekend I got it to fiddle around with it. Now all I need is for Mollie to come and visit me and take me on a tour of my new Camera on how to make pictures more interesting by using it. One day, some day, I will be a good photographer. Almost as good as Mollie. :)

Have a great weekend everyone! This weekend is going to be great! Love ya all!



Donna said...

Wow! Maybe you could take the Family photo! Just get the tripod and put the camera on a timer! Awesome!

Mollie Photo said...

li-li, i would LOVE to come. when I'm up there that is the first thing on the list! Photoshoot with my Lindsey!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Oh Lindsey. I'm so jealous. Does this mean I have to get one too, because the last camera I got was because of you :)