Monday, December 7, 2009

Gatherings, baking, family, and special moments.

How much better could it get? It couldn't. Thanksgiving break/time was the best one yet. First off, I want to say how fast this one went. Where did it go? I can't believe we are already a week into December. How time flies! For 18 years straight, I spent Thanksgiving with my Grandma, Aunt and Uncles, and cousins. Last year, my family decided to spend Thanksgiving at home instead of at Grandma Rob's. I have learned that there is no better Thanksgiving than going to Grandma Rob's. This sweet lady below is my dear, sweet Grandma that I adore so much!

Please disregard the fact that this picture is on its side. I can't get it to go up!

My absolutely gorgeous sister who is the best mommy ever.

She put kits together for the great-grandkids to make candy trains! Look how cute!

Evan was down to busy and so serious about this activity.

They were sure having a blast!

Cutest little red head I know! My cousin's little girl who is just so cute! She hates getting pictures taken I hear so this was a really lucky shot.

Then of course we had to add some swimming into the fun as well.

My new favorite picture of Mckenna. I just love her.

The uncooked cinnamon rolls that my grandma and I made that looked so good I had to take a picture.

The finished product. Can I just say they turned out so YUMMY!

I had the privilege of my Grandma Rob to teach me how to make cinnamon rolls from scratch. A moment I will cherish forever.

Sweet little Jack was blessed by his Father Thanksgiving weekend. He is the sweetest little baby I know! He is such a good baby! Thanks Kendra and Shean for giving me the cutest nephew.

Precious little Jack sleeping away in his great-grandma Rob's arms.

And to finish off this post... my sweet baby Halee who is the happiest and most smiley baby I know! Doesn't this smile just make your heart melt like mine? It makes me want to just squeeze her and love her.

I love this age! Keep smiling so sweet, Halee. To top it all off, she wasn't feeling to swell either. That tells you what a happy baby she is.

Hope you enjoyed an update of my Thanksgiving weekend. Love you all.



ashlee said...

what a perfect thanksgiving:) i love all the precious photos-especially the ones with treasured grandmas and family, there's nothing like traditions passed down-those cinnamon rolls look de-lic-i-ous!!

M- your favorite said...

What a great weekend! Kendra went dark also. WOW! Looks like you guys had a great time!

jackie said...

You really didn't have to post that picture of me!! Love all the pics from Thanksgiving, but weren't you supposed to email me some? I guess I'll have to steal some of these from your blog:) So glad we got to spend Thanksgiving with you and want you to know that I love you! Now I can't wait for Christmas when you come again!

Mollie Photo said...

i love that pic of your gramma and the one of mckenna. what action do you have on those?