Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wish List

I have been racking up a few things that I want. I can't always get everything that I want so I will just have to stare at these images for awhile until I can have them.

I am currently in Photo 2 at school and carry my camera wherever I go. I still do not have a case for it. It has occurred to me multiple times that I need one. What a more stylin' way to carry a camera. It could also act as my purse. Man how I really want one of these. Just look how cute the inside is too!

Source: JoTotes

And of course, the lovely Polaroid itself. There's not much to say other than I am in love, but not in love with the price of film.


Awhile back, my friend Mollie gave me this book called How to be an Explorer of the World by Keri Smith. I love how creative this lady is and her style. She has come out in the last year or so with these three books. I want all three and they happen to come in a box set! What a great way to show off your creativity!

These are just a few things on my mind.


lalo said...

we need to talk polaroid!