Monday, November 22, 2010

Scrapbook Challenge

Sorry I have been MIA. Life has caught me by surprise. The first two weeks of November I was deathly sick with a Staff infection. I haven't been a very good photo taker so who wants to see posts without photos, right? I do have a scrapbook challenge that we scrapbookers at AC did recently. It was my turn to come up with a challenge so I decided I would put together a kit and this is what it included:

Supplies: Charming Collin Paper (35263) -Dear Lizzy Enchanted, Gracious Hare Paper (35252) -Dear Lizzy Enchanted, Forest Gardens Paper (35226) -City Park, Lakeside Park Paper (35224) -City Park, Golden Gate Park Paper (35244) -City Park, Sleighing Song Paper (35200) -Dear Lizzy Christmas, Reindeer Ride Paper (35218) -Dear Lizzy Christmas, Peacock AC Cardstock (71471), Geyser AC Cardstock (71469), White AC Cardstock (71081), Kraft AC Cardstock (71464), Fantastic (53109) -Thickers, Exchange (42694) -Letter Sticker Sheets, Whistle (59107) -Clear Stamps, Piccolo Dimensional Stickers (42178) -Dear Lizzy Enchanted, Mixtape (61733) -City Park, Assorted Brads (85504) -Dear Lizzy, Velvet Scallop Ribbon (89248) -Letterbox, Green Grosgrain Ribbon (89251) -Letterbox, Salmon Ribbon -Leafy (89289) -Dear Lizzy, White Lace Ribbon (58208) -Specialty Ribbon.

This is what I came up with. I was dying to scrapbook this picture of my cute nephew.

Thanks for looking. I hope you have a great week full of family, friends, and food! OH and if you happen to be in the Bear Lake valley this weekend, my sister and I will be at the Paris, ID craft fair selling some of our goodies! At least stop by and say hi. :)


Joshua and Cameron said...

That is really cute! I wish i was as creative as you! I'm sorry about staff infection! I had that too my 2nd semester of college. Its horrible.