Thursday, June 21, 2007

FOREVER! and the first day of SUMMER

So.. It feels like it has been forever and I mean FOREVER since I have blogged. My life has been so hectic lately, it makes me just want to SLEEP and SLEEP and SLEEP! I don't know what I would do if I was at the boat rental again this year. It has been really nice not having to be there every day all day. AND it is a plus to actually have two different jobs that are steady and not difficult. If you get sick of one of them, you don't have to worry, because you are at the other job the next day! Today was the first day of summer! How cool is that!? But the sad thing about it is that the sun will be going down sooner now. That makes me sad. I always get in the depression mode when the sun goes down so early! ESPECIALLY the winter! My heck.. they should just leave the time the same.. or something!! When people say that summer is three months long, they're WRONG! It ends up to be only about two whole months. It is such a bummer. BUT I do have to admit, I am pretty excited for this fall to be down in Orem going to school at UVSC. It is going to be such a blast. But I will not wish my summer away, because this is great too! It's great to be 18!


M- your favorite said...

Yeah! you blogged. It has been a really long time. But I am soooo excited for you to come down! i think you are really going to like UVSC! YEAH!! So it sounds like you are really busy this summer. 2 jobs and your callings. WOW! you do have a ton going on. I know I miss you too. I can't wait to either come up to bear lake or you come down here. I love the cute picture with the flower. Lindz- you are the best! So just keep blogging- also- we will all have to go to the drive inn, when you move down here. I like it alot. I used to go tons- so now that one is open in SLC- it will be fun to go to. so we need to plan it! Love you tons and tons.