Wednesday, July 4, 2007


So.. I just found out that this guy I liked (past tense that is...) has a girlfriend. I had NO IDEA! I feel so lame now and I wish I wouldn't have gotten my hopes up to high. Well.. I did. Nothing can ever go right for me.. I SWEAR!! I guess that's what life is all about right? Oh well. i will just have to live. It just isn't right when they flirt right back at ya and LEAD you on! I swear, the only guys that come after me are creeps, weird, nerdy, or annoying people that I cannot STAND! I can never have it my way! Just because I am looking out for this cute, gorgeous, attractive guy and a great example of an LDS boy has to some how have a girlfriend that he doesn't want you to know about. OR else they are too good for you and you're not good lookin'.. skinny enough for them kind-of-a-thing. Life just isn't fare. I guess I will have to move on and deal with it... ONCE AGAIN! This is one reason why I can't wait to get to college.. there will be many guys to see there!--- hopefully they are interested! I always have to tell myself--- Enjoy life and never wish it away. Move on.. because it's not ment to be. The future only gets better!--so we think!


Kenj said...

Sorry this had to happen Linds. However, sometimes you'll find that the "nerds" are the ones that are the best guys you can find. Try and find a cute one though!