Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Toe Surgery

HOLY COW! I have never felt something so painful in my life before. Just imagine someone RIPPING off your toenail.. not just one.. but TWO! I just died when he said they would have to be removed COMPLETELY!! The part that killed the most was getting the shots to numb my toes. My doctor, DJ, put two shots in my right toe-the shots were taken right on the nuckle of my toe! That was when it was painful. He then put two more shots in my left toe. After that he waited about 5 minutes and came back in and started to do "the job." First of all.. my right toe did not go numb so he had to give me TWO MORE shots in that toe. I could not believe how painful it was. Then he ripped out both of my toenails and showed me what one of my toenails looked like. It was discusting. OH I fogot something.. when he was ripping off my last toenail blood spurted/splashed everywhere onto my leg. Sick huh!? He then wrapped them both up with gause and wrapped blue tape as you can see. Oh .. I forgot to tell you that DJ put the toenail back on just to help the other grow... soomething like that I guess. I was shocked when I pulled the bandages off early this afternoon. They look pretty gory and sick to me. It reminds me of a thriller/satanic movie when things like this are shown in a movie like that. YUCK! I just could not believe how much puss hehehe.. came out of my toes. Maybe it wasn't puss; it just might have been the neosporin on it. BUT the thing is.. that stuff wasn't there when I first took of the bandages. hehehehe. ENJOY! All I can say is.. this better heal fast or it better be easy to walk around with sooner than later. I am scared to take off the bandages tomorrow to see what it looks like. Maybe I just won't take them off. :) I just hope the rest of my summer isn't shot away. :(


Kenj said...

Hope they get feeling better soon Linds. I don't know what I would do if I were you. Good thing you didn't know they would take off your entire nail before you went in, or you probably wouldn't have done it!