Saturday, April 12, 2008

Spring Sluff

With the weather being so warm, it's so hard to be in class instead of outside enjoying the beautiful weather! So one day, a few of us decided to skip class! I know I know I shouldn't have done it, but it was worth it! I wouldn't have done it if my class was doing something important. We went up to the Provo Temple grounds and just laid out on a blanket eating a piece of cake and talking! I know it sounds pointless, but it was a nice relaxing afternoon with the sun and fresh air. That is why I love spring so much! I am glad to be done with school in the next week! I still cannot believe it has been a whole school year already!


ashlee said...

im sure a little sluff here and there won't kill ya!!! it's the rebel part of it that makes it so much more exciting ha ha. im mad you're not coming to bear lake this summer! bummer:)

Michelle said...

Those are the moments that make life (school in particular) more bearable! I wish that yummy spring weather would just stick around already!! Good luck finishing up ... that stress level is so overwhelming. I'm sure you'll do great! Love ya!

jackie said...

Ahhh "live for once"! It's fun to skip class, isn't it? Especially when it's so nice outside. Wish you were coming home to hang out w/us at the beach this summer. You'll have to come home on the weekends! I'm glad you're almost done with school. Love you!