Saturday, July 19, 2008

Batman -The Dark Knight

Ok can I just say what an amazing movie from the beginning to the end?! I would totally pick a comedy/romance movie over any other genre. BUT I really do enjoy action movies. This movie kept me intense the whole way through. I highly recommend you go and see this one. So our night started out pretty good. I never did see the first one, Batman Begins until last night. I watched that one before we left to go see the second one. Mollie and I thought Ryan, who got us the tickets, got tickets for 8:30 at THANKSGIVING POINT, right!? Well he tells us it's at 10 so we get to thanksgiving point about 9:30 with all the rest of the group. He bought the tickets online so he had to type in his confirmation number in order to get them. It wasn't working. He then looked at his paper one more time and he said "Oh no, the city says Salt Lake City at the Gatewy" By this time it was 20-25 til. We were all dying, but laughing. Let's just say we made it JUST in time and thank you for reserved seating!!! :) GO SEE IT!!!!


Chris Clark said...

OMFG i love this movie!!! its so great, im so glad that i had the chance to see this before i left to Brazil, there will not be one movie in the next 2 years that tops this!