Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My new apartment

These are not the best quality of pictures, but they will have to do! Just be glad I am already getting around to blogging this post. :) I never make time to blog anymore, but I really want to blog and make this a happenin' blog. Maybe someday it will happen. This is my apartment before:

These would be the decorations in the process of their make-over. (sorry the picture of Shaylin is blurry) I loved it of her that I had to put it up.

And these pictures would have to be the AFTERS. (inspiration taken from this post.)

This was my first attempt of doing this whole "frame arrangement." Was a successful? Did I do an OK job? Tell me what you think!



Kaeli said...

K, Now come to my House and Decor it! :)

Alexie said...

Way to cute!! I'm with Kae, come do my house!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Your frame arrangement is awesome! Way to go. Busting out the paint and stuff too. Sssssssweet.

Mollie Elise said...

that is way cool. i want it in my room now. NOW!!

Donna said...

Love how this turned out! It even looks better in person! What a creative gal you are!