Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Spirit

Christmas break went too fast. I'm already back at my apt laying on my new memory foam bed (thanks to the parents) and in the pajamas. Oh wait, I didn't get out of my PJs all day. Why if you have sore throat and a little cough? I had a great Christmas. It all started Tuesday morning when I stopped by Kendra's before going to work and Jackie was there! She surprised us all by coming home for Christmas. Best Christmas present ever.
We got home Wednesday night and the fun began. Mckenna slept with me in the movie room and woke up in the middle of the night with the croop. Poor girl, but somehow we still played in the snow. We ended up making 5 snowmen. I thought I had pictures of all of them. I guess not. Sad day, because the witch bride was the best.

Christmas Eve day we went to my Uncle's house where we got to eat and enjoy one another's company. We played family feud which was a lot of fun. Later that day, we got the snowmobiles out and took the kiddos out for a ride. They loved that! Too bad I forgot to take my camera once again. That night we got together as a family and read a few stories and the little ones opened their jammies. Then off to bed we went. Mckenna and I watched Elf until we fell asleep.

Mom Calls and tells us to wake up because we need to get started or it will take us all day. We all head down and the kids were going crazy. Halee loved her baby doll and knew it was just for her. She wouldn't let Mckenna have it. Jack got spoiled with a ton of Mega Bloks toys and trucks. He loved them so much. All Mckenna wanted was a tangled barbie doll and she got it. She played with that all day.


Mollie Photo said...

Those Snowmen ARE AMAZING! And the kids look so big. LOVE YOU!