Friday, March 4, 2011

Dove or Bliss

Which one do you choose? I thought I bought a bag of Dove chocolates and then realized it was Hershey's Bliss. Did I know that Hershey's made something like Dove? No. They were good but not near as good as the creamy Dove chocolates and they don't even have the cool sayings on the inside of the wrapper. A total rip off. :) Here are a few of the ones that I really liked from the chocolates my parents gave me for Valentine's day. I like to think that my parents knew what the wrappers said, so I'm taking it as if my parents said this to me.

Tape Strip: Pugly Pixel
Paper Texture: Fuzzimo


Donna said...

I didn't even know they had any good fortunes on the candy wrapper! I guess a good comment a day for anyone is a good thing and YES those are things that I would have said!!!

Donna said...

Just looking for more posts from you. I thought you might show some of your new creations!