Monday, March 21, 2011


Today was a crappy good day. My friend Jordan and I found time in between classes to get us some frozen yogurt. It made us a little happier. Today I had Pistachio, Taro, Red Velvet cake batter, and Toasted Coconut topped with a tid bit of brownie bites, cookie dough, kiwi, strawberry, and mango. I couldn't choose and they all made me happy. Good thing I have been going to the gym lately.

Here are a few of my recent obsessions:

1. Loving frozen yogurt (particularly Yogurtland as you can plainly see)
2. Freshly ground peanut butter. (especially w/triscuits and honey)
3. Veronica Mars .... again
4. Google Reader
5. Make-up
6. Cooking
7. Mustard Yellow and Gray with Chevron.
8. Mini Cadburry Eggs (Also referred to as my "Pride and Joys")
9. Pickles
10. The gym (hard to believe that i'm saying this but I love how it makes me feel!)
11. Dresses with leggings (thinking this is what i'll be wearing most of the summer)
12. Creating just about anything


Donna said...

Freshly ground peanut butter? Do you make your own? It sounds really good! Thanks for inspiring me!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

YOGURTLAND IS THE BEST! I just saw the one on University Parkway and I'm so glad there's one in Utah now. Hooray :)