Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Check out this room! Isn't so cool!? I wish I could have a big room and NICE stuff like this to help me stay organized and clean. I just love the idea of boxes and cupboards to hide stuff. If I showed you a picture of my room right now, you will be so dissapointed in me! I just can't wait until I am STRESS-FREE!

I love to be organized! I'm not very good at it though. I only consider myself to be organized when I am not busy and I can stay up with all my stuff. I love to buy organization boxes and baskets to help me stay organized. I think it would be a good side job to be on mission organization. I do better when I organize other people's things.

Some of the things that you will need to help you be organized:
1. You first of all need to have the desire.
2. Have a few boxes (that are cute and cheap) to start out.
3. Keep your room clean all the time. (I know.. i'm a hyprocrite but this is my goal!)
4. Put the important things that you use more often where they are easily accessible.


Kenj said...

Thanks for the tips Linds! I love that room too, I think it would be so great to have so much space to put things! It has got to be PBTeen! Right?

M- your favorite said...

I love organization things also. I always want to buy them- the thing for me is I have a small room so I don't know where to put the boxes and things. But one day I will have a great room totally organized and cute for all to see. P.S. I have seen your room- you are not messy-you are pretty organized. ;)