Wednesday, May 16, 2007


What do you think?! Weren't the Jazz so awesome last night or what!? I can't believe they won with all the turnovers they had. Isn't this guy Hott! Fisher is the man! I mean, really, check out those arms! He played such a great game last night. He also has such a great heart for others. That's what made me like him even more!

Williams is also another one of my favorite players. I don't know what it is, but he is cute too. hehehe He honestly didn't have a very good game last night, but that doesn't mean he is a bad player every night. Keep up the good work Jazz!


Kenj said...

I know I am so excited too! They were so awesome! I am glad that they have a little break now because I need a little break too! Go Jazz! Take the next round too!

M- your favorite said...

YEAH for Fisher! He is amazing!
His is the only reason I watch Jazz. So go JAZZ!!!