Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"She Don't Know"

So.. tonight I was talking to my sister w/video talk on messenger and our mom came up to look at this swimming suit. We told her about this blogger web site and a few minutes later she called it Boggling. What kind of a word is that!? Our mom always comes up with good ones.Oh and get this! My sister forwarded me an email that was from my mom and she said "by the way, what does that really mean?" She cracks me up sometimes. That's why we love her.. oh and many other reasons too! I'll have to admit and confess.. i've got my own sayings too! Maybe that is where I got it from!


Kenj said...

Maybe so! I think you might have picked up a few things from Mom but I refer it that way. It makes our family so much fun! Boggle away!