Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I love my MOM!

I just want to tell everyone how much my mom really means to me. She is such a special person. I could not ask for a better mom than her. It's killing me to live as far as I do from her. Like my dad says... "we daughters cannot go one day without talking to our mom more than twice a day!" How can you if she is just such a wonderful lady!? I mean.. really? She taught me so much over the years and she could probably still teach me so much if I would have just let her. Being on my own changes the meaning so much of how important a mother really is. My mom has such great qualities in her that no one else might not see. Mom, if you are reading this... remember how important you are to me.. you are the light in my life and I hope I can be a great mother just like you ARE today! I love you!.. Lindsey


Kenj said...

I love your mom too! I'm sure she misses you tons, but I'm glad to have you close. It's been fun already. I can't wait to go home for Labor Day! Hooray! A day off!