Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Buddies!

I miss my cute, wonderful kids that I babysat all summer. It's so hard to be this far away from them. I just hope they will remember who I am so when I come home to visit, they will still want to come and see me. I have learned so much from them. They for sure kept me on my toes. I miss the idea of being with them when they say the Darndest things. OR the way they do things that you would never know a kid that age could do. I mean, honestly, who knows how to pose for the camera at age 3!!? Natalee amazed me every day with the craziest things. I loved the fact that she would call me Linds instead of by my full name Lindsey. AND we can't forget about little Noah! Oh wait.. that should be BIG Noah! All my friends cannot believe that he is only 1. It is kind of hard to believe.. but it is true. He is such a stud and I know he is going to be a heart breaker when he gets older. Like I have said... I have learned so much from them and have gotten to know these cute little kids a lot more. I hope they remember to be the best they can be when they get older! I love you guys and I miss you so much!


Kenj said...

They are so darn cute! I can see why you miss them. I still can't believe that Nat loves Diet Coke. That's so funny to me. You're right, Noah is going to be a heart breaker. What sweet little kids!