Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Dad's 50th

So clear back on August 5th, it was my dad's 50th birthday! It was such a great day for him... so I think.. I know it was for me because I knew he would be happy. I love my dad so much and I miss him already and it has only been a week! He gives me the best advice and wisdom that I need to be able to get around in life a lot easier. His advice is always good no matter the situation. He makes me think about what I should be doing. Other times... he can get on a roll and tease me like no other. I guess that is what he does to have fun with us right? It's all good! I love you dad!


Kenj said...

Cute pic of you and Dad. Can't you turn it so it's the right way? Dad is so darn smart! I still am amazed at how much stuff that one guy knows! We're so lucky to have a dad like him.