Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Day

A picture of the whole group excluding me because I was taking it.

The placecards that my mom and I made.

A few of the essentials of a thanksgiving meal:

The yummy rolls that my aunt made!

A very great turkey that was so moist and savory.

My mom's famous gravy. Look at the steam that is coming off that gravy.

Thanksgiving this year was different then any of the other years. We usually spend Thanksgiving at my Grandma Robinson's house, but my dad wanted to do it at home this year. We spent Thanksgiving at home with my mom and dad, Kendra, Shean, my aunt Susan and uncle Randall and my cousin Amanda. It was quite small this year, but it was actually relaxing. It was really enjoyable and I think we made it quite fun and a new tradition than what we have done in the past.