Friday, May 15, 2009

Drawing a blank...

...of what to blog about for the past week now. I promise I haven't forgotten about my blog this week. It's just that I haven't had anything interesting to tell you. I did realize that I do have something to share with you after reading Nichole's blog today! I'm going to share with you some of the samples I made for QVC that was broadcast last week. Not all of these were made for QVC. Just the pen samples. This Thinking Of You card was done to show off American Crafts new Zing! I used the florescent Zing! on this card.

This is probably one of my favorite cards that I have made lately. The flowers and the cloud that's poking out as well as the thank you are all embossed with the opaque Zing! I had way too much fun making this card.
This card was made to show off a bunch of different ribbons.
This card was made for QVC using pens.
Same with this one... all from pens except for the paper planes are from the miniMarks Teen Line.
QVC pen sample also.
And this one too.
This baby card was made to show the use of the metallic Zing! Very awesome outcome with the metallic as well! You can't go wrong with American Crafts Zing!
Another QVC pen sample.

This one as well. This baby girl is my co-workers daughter. Isn't she the cutest thing ever!? I can't get over how precious she is.

Another pen sample.. one of myself.

Pen sample. This was conference weekend. We had a bunch of fun coloring eggs even though sea foam green was the same as turquoise. So as you can see, we did not have many colors to choose from.

I re-did the a colorful mess instead of using it as a pen sample, i'm showing it off using Zing! I found the coolest thing ever! A Colorful Mess was written with a black embossing pen where I then poured clear embossing powder on it. Isn't that pretty awesome?! It's hard to show you the clear embossing through a photo. I embossed all the aqua with the background paper as well as the paper flowers. Tons of fun.

I like having a challenge to use a certain project. I was wondering what in the world I was going to do for the pen samples. I was thinking of all the possibilities. The Zing! as well. And then all the inspiration kept coming. I just love my job! I hope you enjoy them! Does this make up for not posting this past week? I hope so.



jackie said...

Cute cards! I love your work! I think I may just hire you to do our scrapbooks since I just don't have the energy to do them!

Kaeli said...

LOVE IT!! So...Could I do things like this for myself?? Obviously I couldnt do it as awesome as you...but linds I get bored out here sometimes! ;)

House Family said...

Lindsay~what adorable cards...and layouts!! Especially the colorful mess one...and cute girls on that page...he he! What a great colorful post with great ideas!! You are awesome!!

Parry's said...

I love it ALL.

Selena and Russ!! said...

why are you the cutest?

Donna said...

Great job on the cards! You are getting more creative every day! Love them! Hope to get one in the mail sometime!