Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend....

was quite eventful I would have to say. Let me first tell you that I cannot find my camera battery charger. Yes, my camera battery charger which means I cannot upload my pictures onto my computer since my iMac does not have a slot for the memory card. BUT grateful for friends who tagged me in their photos on facebook from the be BBQ shabang last night so I can put them on here.

Let me first start off telling you how my weekend went. I left my place at 6:30 a.m. My good friend, Jenni got married on Saturday. I was able to see them come out of the temple. She looked so gorgeous! She made my cry. I then went to her luncheon that was at Hamiltons. YUMMY! It was so good. If you haven't been there before, make sure you stop there when you're in Logan next. Best restaurant for steak and seafood. I went home and spent some time with my sister's family. I then went to Jenni and Josten's reception. What a day that was!

Sunday was a chill day. We only had 1 hr 40 min of church b/c of the holiday. Which means there were 3 other sacraments. That's what you get for being from a recreational area. We had all day Sunday to be together as a family. How nice it was to do NOTHING.

Monday I met with the city to do some designing work for them. I would have to say it came out pretty successful. I'm excited to be able to help them out. We got together as a family again to celebrate Jackie's birthday for a BBQ. Then I was off to get back to have another BBQ with a bunch of my close friends. It was a lot of fun to to get with everyone and play kick ball, slackline, and some volleyball. I especially love being with my girls. You guys are so great!

That was my Memorial weekend.....


(pictures from Jenni's wedding and random ones throughout the weekend will be posted as soon as I find/buy/borrow a charger for my battery)


House Family said...

Cute pictures of the girls Lindsey!! Of course I will need copies of these!! You guys sure seem to have a ton of fun!! Just what a bunch of adorable single girls should do!! Keep up the fun!!!!