Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chocolate Festival in Review

Here it is everyone! I know it's about time I put pictures up, right? I have been super busy this past week and when I have free time that's considered sleeping time unfortunately. Well the Chocolate Festival was a blast! Not much chocolate at the venders but there were the FAMOUS chocolate covered raspberries. 'nough said. Here are a few snapshots covering the majority of what we were selling. My sisters (and mom) sure did a wonderful job. The talented Ashlee blew me away! Her stuff was unbelievable! What a talented girl she is too. Oh and yes, we have adopted her. :)

Here we are! We were able to get a photo of the three of us together.

Here are Ashlee's outstanding flowers for your hair, purse, coat, or what other creative place you can think of to put them.

The cute skirts Ashlee sewed up for little girls. If you notice, they have cute clips that match the skirts.

The amazing brownie pops my dear mother made. yummm! I was lucky to have one or two... or maybe even three. I lost count.

Some valentine cards I made.

Boxes, blocks, and plaques for the baby's room.

One of the sneak peaks revealed right here. The personalized wipe cases. It's not for the baby, it's for the mom. :)

And of course, Ashlee and me having a blast at our booth.

Thanks again for all those who came and checked out our booth. It was great to meet you or to catch up with you. I hope to see you soon. Maybe Raspberry Days? You never know.



Stephanie said...

O my gosh, all that stuff is so cute! I'm sorry I couldn't make it, I really wanted to but lets just say i hate school somedays. Your hair looked super cute too! Miss you!

elizabeth kartchner said...

those diaper cases are SO fabulous. I need one. :)

Donna said...

Thanks for all of your help in putting this together for us. You are absolutely amazing!!! So glad that you were able to come and enjoy the fun! I need to get the pics done to get our Etsy shop going. Been a little busy but enough excuses you got me excited again to get it done! What a great thing for the "Three Sisters"

Mollie Elise said...

man, looks like a shopping heaven on earth! you are the cutest:)

Kendra said...

Fun pictures! That was such a fun weekend. Sure glad that we got to do that before I moved clear across the country! Okay, maybe not across the whole country, but it sure feels like it! Love you and miss you Linds!