Friday, February 26, 2010

Do you like Giveaways?

Because I sure do! Have I ever won a giveaway? No, but I still love them. The fact that I could win something is still cool. Well today is your lucky day you good ol' bloggers you! I am giving away one of my handmade notebooks! There is no special reason why I am doing this; it's just because I really like you! This exact notebook could be yours!

So you probably want to know the rules on how to win this book, right? It's quite easy:
1. Tell me one thing you are excited to do this Summer since I just love Summer so much.
2. Post by Friday, March 5th and I will randomly pick a winner Saturday the 6th.

The other requirement is that you have to live within the U.S. Sorry to any of you foreigners; I cannot afford to ship that far away unfortunately.

I cannot wait to hear your exciting plans for the Summer! (they better be good ones :))



Shaylin said...

MS. LINDSEY HANSEN!!! I'm super super excited to go slack lining with you this summer!! And this time, you won't come close to breaking your toe (; Love you, girly!!

Michelle Merrill said...

Well, I absolutely do love giveaways, and yours is so darling. The things I am most excited to do this summer is grow my garden and ride my horse in the mountains! Your blog is absolutely darling.

Kaeli said...

I am so Excited because This Summer we get to Stay here instead of Leave for Work! Yay!! So I am playing in Logan, Bear Lake, and Idaho Falls and wherever else We decide we want to Spend our Time.
I am also going to Be Getting you To come Up Here and Show me How to Make CUTE STUFF!! This is a MUST!!!
So Excited about that one!! Yay!

Alyson said...

I look forward to going back to maryland :) p.s.s.s.s. how did your cake ever turn out?


and I love those notebooks :)

Chris and Paige Evans said...

An original handmade book by Lindsey!?!??! How exciting, I want to win.

We're hosting the annual Evans family reunion here in LA this summer - good times are sure to come!

Stephanie said...

Hey Lindsey, lets see this summer I will be finishing up my nursing school but I will graduate by the end of July, so after that I will most likely be fishing, hiking and just hanging out with my sweet husband!! YAY, I can't wait!

Mollie Photo said...

i'm gonna go on my honymoon in HAWAIIIIII and be a new wifey. go hiking, play volleyball. you know, all of those fun summer activities. (hopefully they include you coming down to az and visiting me when chris comes home:)))))))))))))))))

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness....giveaways are the BEST!!! And this book is NO exception....LOVE IT!!!
To start our summer and my honey will be spending a WEEK in MAUI!! Then SO looking forward to spending time with my Wonderful Family....kite festival, quading, boating....and whatever else we can throw into the summer months!!! Love you!!

Donna said...

Lindsey! I am not trying to win because I already have one of your great homemade books! I use mine for a food/exercise diary. It is the perfect size to have not to mention stylish! Thanks for making it for me. As for summer, I am hoping for my family to visit me since they are all moving away! I also am planning a trip to Cali with my cute daughters and grand babies. Lots of trips to the beach this year with or without you!

Michelle said...

CUTE! This summer I am looking forward to seeing my brother and his cute kids and being lazy on summer nights reading books outside. I mean doesn't that sound WONDERFUL?!?

Sure miss you girl! Cute give away-you are so crafty! :)

Kendra said...

I, like a few others I know, am looking forward to many weeks/weekends up in Bear Lake. I think that baby Jack is going to LOVE the beach! Also, I'm going to California with my favorite people! I plan on reading some good books like Michelle, and also spending some time on the Provo River Trail in the canyon. I love it there!

Lanae said...

LINDSEY! Gosh I love your blog! and the thing i'm most excited to do is hang out with you and chris!!! :) and go to alaska of course! love you and miss you!

Alisha Gordon said...

I love you and love that book, you are amazing!!!

I am excited for summer because that means I get to go out and play and do fun things.

Love you!

Hil said...

I love Lindsey's little books!!! Everytime I have a class with you, and when you have that out, I always find myself wishing I knew how to make it! :) Summer will be full of road trips, hanging out with friends, and wearing flipflops. :)

Cute blog!