Monday, May 3, 2010


You see this pretty girl? Let me introduce you to my friend Mollie.

-Is amazing
-Just got married a little over a week ago.
-Is one of my very best friends.
-Is so fun to be around.
-Is very thoughtful to others.
-Is always there when you need her.
-Offers her shoulder for you to cry on.
-Is a very good listener and lets you know she is listening and cares what you are actually saying.
-Couldn't be a better friend or person.

A bunch of us were able to celebrate a whole weekend that was just about Mollie (and of course her love of her life). I am about to tell you on one of the most amazing weekends I have ever had with her. She let me spend the most special day with her that she has ever had yet and I want to share that with you too. She made some of her very best friends feel super special. Stay tuned.



Mollie Photo said...

li-li. I love you.

shelley McKown said...

Lindsey, we really enjoyed you and all the girls coming down for the wedding fun. You are terrific and thanks for all you did for Mollie. It's too bad it's all over. But Mollie is happy as a little pea pod, so all is well.