Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Are you as surprised as I am that I posted pictures? Sorry they are all out of order, but hey they're posted. So Cali was a ton of fun, crazy but fun. I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted. Had to hold those babies while I could and I couldn't let them get the camera. :) So this is what I was able to get.

Here is my sweet Jack, but now his new name from me is Bubbers.

Grandma would give Mckenna whatever she wanted.

Sweet Kenj and Bubbers.

Our only picture with all of us together. I think it's cute (of everyone else).

My only jumping picture. At least I got one in.

Little miss sassy-sass herself. Oh i just love her. She's definitely going to be like us sisters: big teasers.

I loved this wall so I had to take a picture. (good job taking the photo mom!)

Look how BIG she is looking! I can't get over it!

Is this Mckenna again? Yes, of course.

Mom with the three grandkids. Isn't my mom so cute?!

Kenna loves to ride her bike.

And Sweet Hals! Gotta Love her!
It was so nice to be re-united with my two sisters and my mom. We all live in different places at the moment. 3 different states to be exact. Like my mom says, it makes the heart grow fonder. And it sure does! I miss you guys already! Can't wait to see you all again soon.

These are just a few pictures that I took. I have more on my point and shoot that I still need to download. Maybe i'll do that soon too. You never know! I hope everyone is enjoying their supposedly called Spring around here.



Ryan and LeDawn said...

omg! ADORABLE! She is growing so fast! And I miss you gurls so much!!! Jack is the cutest thing! awwww! btw, love that pic of you and the wall!

Mollie Photo said...

how cute. i love all of you girls (and boy-bubbers). BABIES are the BEST!

Donna said...

I am so amazed that you posted these pics. I want to get a copy of what you took. I didn't take my camera because I was depending on our photographer:) to give me some!!! It was a great time, we will have to do it again, those little ones are growing fast!