Friday, February 25, 2011

Lists Lists Lists

It has been decided. I am going back to the life of living on lists. On that list will include blogging more frequently. Starting tomorrow I will have the biggest list I have ever had. Hopefully the list thing will work and it won't be big for too long. I know this is probably the most boring post you have ever read, but it's more for me knowing that it's down on "paper" and that the blogging world knows about it. I best be sticking to my word. Coming up next are photos and a video of my Las Vegas trip. Stay tuned. Above are photos from my phone from my trip.


jackie said...

We miss you so much already!! Four and a half weeks and I'll be visiting you! Can't wait!!! Lists are GREAT! Even a chore chart helps me:) Love you!

JAMIE said...

I love lists! Mostly mine consist of dream and love lists! No wonder I never get anything done.