Wednesday, June 1, 2011


June is a good month. I tell you. I can feel it. Oh what? You don't remember me? Well let me take you back the past couple of months and remind you of who I am. Let's rewind a couple months.

-As much as I wanted to blog I had to realize blogging would have stressed me out and having finals and all.... not a good idea. So for the month of April I focused on school and came out with descent grades.

-Went home for Easter which was pretty much awesome.

-I haven't done a whole lot, but it's exactly what I needed. A break that is. I have been hanging out with friends and relaxing. Yes relaxing. Never thought I would hear that word.

-For memorial weekend my friend Soleil (above in photo) invited me to go with her and Dillon to St. George for some fun. We went to Gunlock and watched the guys jump off the cliffs into the water and then we went to Red cliffs where we hiked up the canyon in the water where we could slide on the rocks into the pools of water. It was super fun! Then we enjoyed some skimboarding as well. Dillon sure did keep up busy. The photo above is pretty much the only one I got on the trip.

Now back to June.
There is a lot I want to do this month and a lot that has to be done. Lots of adventures will be happening this month and I hope that I can take photos to record them. I also have some goals in my mind, but if I want to accomplish them I'm going to have to write them down. That will probably be my next post since I am too tired to take time and finalize them right now. Definitely past my bed time.

Well it's good to be back in the blogging world. Hopefully you will be "seeing" me around more often. That is it for now.