Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just Life

I haven't blogged for a while, so I just thought I would just say a few words of what's been happening to me lately. It's nothing exciting to hear, but I thought it's time to blog! Last night I went to the studio at UVSC to have pictures taken of me. My friend, Mollie has a photography class that she has to take pictures of someone. So she picked ME! I felt so loved and important. I really did need to feel important at that time. I felt like a model! I will post some pictures when she gives them to me! I hope they turned out! It was quite a treat. That is about all for now!


ashlee said...

Hey Lindz, I just had to let you know I saw you in Amber's wedding video the other day! It was 7 years ago I think and you looked SOO cute! Me and Amber were dyin':0)

M- your favorite said...

OOH Lindz you are a babe. So I am sure they turned out great! I love you guys. Molly is such a great friend. She is so cute! I am so glad you cuys found each other. I love having you around. It's so great! See you tonight for Kendra's party!!