Sunday, September 9, 2007

My roomies!

These are just a few of my roommates! We decided to have a girl's night in watching a chick flick! We watched Charley! I haven't seen that show in a very long time, but, of course, I fell asleep half way through it and then just saw a little bit of the end. I love my roommates. I could not ask for better roommates than these. We have had some fun times together. It's kind of hard to do something with everyone since there are 7 of us! We at least had 4 of us there, right? This was also the night we decided to go to sonic for a shake! We all went like this with our new UVSC shirts that we got for free! Well... that's it for now!


jackie said...

Looks like you are having a fun time there! I remember those girls nights w/my roomies! We miss you! Kenna was sitting on my lap on saw your pic and says "Hi!"

M- your favorite said...

I love that you are down living here. That is so awesome! I really like your roommate kendra, she is so nice. glad you like them-looks like a lot of fun with the roomies.