Sunday, January 3, 2010

2009 in Review

I thought I would share with you blogger friends a re-cap of 2009. Usually I don't like to share pictures of myself, but I thought it was appropriate since this is about my life. :) So just a heads up, there's a lot of pictures of me. 2009 was a big year for me. So many good things happened and I would like to share them with you through pictures:

(California Trip in Jan. Luckily I got to the Ocean once last year)

(Making valentine cookies with the best roomy)

(This is when I really first started falling in love with photography)

(The beginning of a new friendship)

(Spring Break in St. George with the family (mom is taking picture))

(The moment I new Summer was coming brought me happiness)

(Sunday afternoons at the park digging the warm weather)

(A new sport I learned how to do. (It's called slacklining if none of you knew. Can't wait til summer again for this)

(One of my best friends got married)

(One of many concerts that I went to during the Summer)

(Visiting my bestie at her girls' camp)

(Flew down to AZ to see my craziest, funnest, best friend ever!)

(Fell even more in love.......with photography)

(Good times with my dad building our garden)

(The Bee's Baseball with friends)

(Light painting with Selena and Russ... so cooool!!!)

(Crazy days of summer... ice blocking)

(My favorite little person with a watermelon face who I can't get enough of)

(Lama Days in Springville. What more can I say)

(Good thing I have such a cool mom)

(A new craft (bookbinding) that a discovered and can't stop making anymore these days)

(A social I put together to meet new friends at the beginning of the school year)

(This brings me happiness and I can't get enough)

(another photoshoot with my best friends)

(Bowling with Holly)

(And this is another one that brings me happiness and I can't get enough)

(Creative work parties with co-workers makes work 10 times more fun)

(A place where my creative side grew even more. Worth every penny!)

(Thanksgiving at my Grandma's is the way it should be)

This is to 2009. May 2010 be just as wonderful if not more wonderful.



House Family said...

Great post Linds!! And I do believe I recognize a few of these girls in your pictures!! Such cute friends! Time for me to get creating again!!!
Love ya!!

Shaylin said...

I absolutely love this blog post!! It just made me 1293240594 times happier than I was about 3 minutes ago!! Love you, friend!